Agencies 4-Color Short Run Submit Project


We are proud to offer just about any paper imaginable. Not sure which weight and type is right for you? Just ask or come in to view an array of samples.

Paper is primarily differentiated by two factors, basis and grade. Choosing the right combination for a particular project is essential to a superior finished product.

Basis Weight

Basis weight is the term used to indicate the thickness and composition of a paper. Basis weight is simply the weight of 500 sheets of paper cut to a standard size. Since coated papers are more compressed than uncoated papers, you can’t necessarily keep the same weight when you switch grades.

The following outlines the different ranges of weight for the different available grades.

  • Text: 60# - 100#, but most common in 70# and 80# weights
  • Offset: Generally 50# - 70# stock
  • Coated Book: generally 60# - 110# for sheet-fed printing
  • Cover: available in 60#, 65#, 80# and 100# normally.

It’s important to note that different paper lines and brands vary on their availability of basis weights, and sometimes offer in between options.

Paper Grades

When selecting a paper stock, it’s also important to consider the grade of the paper. This will determine visible and tactile characteristics of the stock such as brightness, opacity and fiber content. Each type of grade is suitable for certain types of applications and each has its own set of characteristics to choose from.

  • Bond: Usually used for letterheads, forms and quick or less expensive projects.
  • Offset or Uncoated Book: A very common choice that offers a smooth, uncoated feel. Available in #1 Offset, #3 Offset, Opaque and Lightweights.
  • Coated Book: Glossy sheet that yields vivid colors and excellent reproduction. Available in matte, gloss or high gloss finishes
  • Text: A higher quality sheet used for a variety of projects, from letterheads to brochures. Available in a wide assortment of colors, textures and finishes, including smooth/vellum, felt/embossed, laid and linen.